Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Anne-marie Boyer interviewed on KUSI News

Real Estate Economic Stimulus

KUSI News, Inside San Diego, February 19, 2008

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Lena Lewis and Bridget Naso interview Anne-marie about the effects of the Economic Stimulus Package on the San Diego Real Estate Market. More detail on this topic is provided at San Diego's Finest Real Estate blog - Real Estate Economic Aid.

Anne-marie says, "With interest rates at their lowest in four years, it is a great time for homeowners to refinance to convert a jumbo loan to a cheaper conforming loan, combine a first and second into a cheaper conforming loan, trade in a variable rate mortgage for a long-term fixed rate mortgage, reduce interest rates, or to just consolidate debt to reduce payments. "

Update: Due to recent dither within HUD, lenders have temporarily increased interest rates. We expect rates to come down again as soon as things firm up. (It is uncertainty, such as nearing an election, that cause worry and concern which in turn cause a temporary increase in rates.)

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